Kitty Solaris Album: “James Bond” (Solaris Empire/Broken Silence) VÖ: 19.7.2024

Kitty Solaris is a well-known Berlin singer/songwriter who draws
inspiration from her favorite bands, Sonic Youth, The Cure, The Velvet Underground, and Cat Power. She created her distinctive style in her Berlin kitchen accompanied by an electric guitar and gloomy melodies. Her headlines and hooklines are always direct and
to the point. The most recent albums “Sunglasses” and “Girls & Music” combine unique lyrics and guitar with electronic music in cooperation with Australian producer Damian Press.
“James Bond” is the title of her upcoming album. Recently released, the title track is currently in heavy rotation on Radioeins in Germany.

Who doesn’t desire a James Bond in today’s chaos?
Kitty Solaris´ album is a manifesto for peace without turning
pathetic. Not just peace in the sense of laying down arms, but
also peace as a metaphor for inter-personal harmony, on a small scale as well as on a large scale.

The musical styles and themes on the tracklist are diverse: mariachi meets 80s dream pop, for example. “James Bond” flies around the world to bring peace – the song is an important reminder not to burn all bridges down. The ultra-casual “Follow The Beatniks” with funk guitar encourages independent thinking. We drive into the sunset with “Go with the Flow” till the
moon appears on the horizon and you feel young again. “Lights Out” is about generational trauma and the search for love in a war-torn world. “Ayahuasca” has the potential to expand human consciousness through a re-connection with nature. The album also includes a cover of Robert Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary”. “Heroes” salutes the unsung heroes of our time,
and “Spring in the Air” is a dreamy poem about new beginnings.

Video James Bond


Kitty Solaris - by Olga Blackbird

Kitty Solaris by Olga Blackbird

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