Lofi-Lounge @ Schokoladen- Concert Series Dates in 2020

Jan. 1rst: Grizzly Bird + Sister Chain & Brother John
Jan. 15th: The LongoodBye + Brandon Miller & The Carbon Thieves
Feb. 5th: The Somnambulist (Record Release Party>) + The Usual Boys
Feb. 19th: Flame Parade + Emma Elisabeth
Feb. 26th: Pollyanna (Record Release Party) + Crownforest
Mar. 4th: Tim Tiebel & Die Tiere der Einsamkeit + Aniqo

Lofi-Lounge @ Schokoladen- Concert Series Dates in 2019

Jan. 16th: The Unkindness Of Ravens + Soybomb
Feb. 6th: Banglist + Peter Piek
Feb. 27th: Siva. + 3 South & Banana
Mar. 6th: Slift + Hostel Goldmarie
Mar. 20th: Echo Me + Superlove
Mar. 24th: Berghain Kantine: Kitty Solaris (Record Release Party) + Interbellum + Marta Collica (amStart)
Apr. 3rd: Deltawelle + Die Elektros
Apr. 17th: Pari Pari + Present Square
May 1rst: My Sister Grenadine (Record Release Party) + Ted Brasko
May 15th: Kitty Solaris + Fjaka
June 5th: Last Days Of Elvis
June 19th: Pollyanna (FR) Black Pope
July 3rd: The Strange Encounters + Claudia is On the Sofa (IT)
July 17th: Bernhard Eder + Peter Piek
Sept. 4th: OMG + Support
Sept. 17th: Susie Asado + Zoe Bodenbender (USA)
Oct. 2nd: Glen + Dos Floris
Oct. 16th: Entertainment for The Braindead + She Owl (IT)
Nov. 6th: Bar Dog /Record Release) + Conor Kilkelly
Nov. 17th Multitude Mixtape at Acud macht Neu with Kitty Solaris, Crownforest + Massaje
Nov. 20th: Ronley Treper + The Transcontinentals
Dec. 12th: Snow Forest + King Kuiper
Dec. 18th: Blondevillain + Izzy and the black trees

Lofi-Lounge @ Schokoladen- Concert Series Dates in 2018

Jan. 4th: Kamoos + 13 year cicada
Jan. 17th: Han Han + Last Days of Elvis
Feb. 7th: Calamity Sam + 4 Minute Mile
Feb. 23rd: @ Barbiche: Susie Asado + Jakob Dobers
Feb. 28th: Risky Mondays + Disgusting Beauty
Mar. 7th: Rico Repotente + Leisure Tank
Mar. 21st: Fjaka + Raw by Peppers (Korea)
Mar. 23rd: @ Badehaus : Kitty Solaris + Hawk Single Release PARTY + Noisebody
Apr. 4th: Rachel Glasberg + Sedlmeir
Apr. 18th: Lakes Of Light + Blitzberg
May 2nd: Sofia Härdig + Sid Vison
May 16th: Mexican Radio + Bechamel
June 6th: Brandon Miller + Kitty Solaris
July 18th: Bernhard Eder + J Moon
July 19th: Glen + Robert Hope
Aug. 1st: Yaramiso + James Andrew Jones
Aug. 15th: Casino Gitano + Grizzly Bird
Aug. 29th: Graf Tati + King Kuiper
Sept. 5th: Hund + Me At My Wall
Sept. 19th: Clashes + Bastida
Oct. 3rd: Pari Pari + Efi Sussann
Oct. 17th: 3 South and Banana + Steppenkind
Nov. 7th: Raw By Peppers + Lakes of Light
Nov. 11th: People Club + Pit Przygodda
Dec. 5th: Mark Steiner and his Problems + Rufus Coates & The Blackened Trees
Dec. 10th: Peter von Poehl + Marie Mondiano
Dec. 19th: My Sister Grenadine + The Work-Live Balance

About the Lofi-Lounge

facebook: Lofi-Lounge

The Lofi-Lounge is a concert series at Schokoladen, at which many Solaris Empire artists have been discovered and performing.
It takes place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at Ackerstr. 169, in Berlin-Mitte. Start is always on time at 20:00!

The concept is: The bands are as different as possible and come from different scenes. So it stays exciting! For example, at first a singer/songwriter, then an electro-pop act, or finally an indie pop band.

At 22:00 is curfew because of the neighbors! Finally, there is a DJ team that completes the evening with indie, electro and pop, e.g. DJ Team Berg & Tal or DJ Monophonic or Freerix FM.

There are currently two acts per evening at  Schokoladen Lofi-Lounge. There are a lot of newcomers, but in combination there are also more well-known acts like Logh (SWE) and Jens Friebe or the wonderful Christiane Rösinger. Bonaparte did one of his first solo concerts, the Jolly Goods played their first shows at the Lofi-Lounge.

Von Wegen Lisbeth have celebrated their first EP Release party at the Lofi-Lounge. Dota, the penny-pin princess has performed as well as Clara Luzia from Vienna, Björn Kleinheinz from Sweden, Sanda Kolstad and Elyas Khan, Ofrin, Gisbert to Knypenhausen, Tim Neuhaus, William Fitzsimmons (USA), Freddy Fischer and his cosmic rock band, The Wave Pictures (UK), Amanda Rogers (USA), Andrea Schroeder and Jeniferever (SWE) – all of them have played at the Lofi-Lounge.

There have been many bands from many countries including Denmark, Norway, UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Australia and Switzerland and even Korea recently. Because of the early stage times the focus is currently on Berlin-based bands.