Claudia Is On The Sofa single – The Match

The Match is the new single by Claudia Is On The Sofa, released April 22 on Riff Records (Italy) and Solaris Empire (Berlin).

This song is composed by the Italian songwriter and produced in collaboration with Alessandro “Asso” Stefana (who collaborates with PJ Harvey and Vinicio Capossela
among others), and is the first of two singles that talks about “What I’m not”: “I just know what I am not and what I don’t want to be”.

Claudia says: “The Match is the encounter and the clash between you and I, between me and I, between what I want and what I can be, between what I wish and what happens.
It is the moment when I ask myself are you sure you want to carry on and get serious? I am not a goddess, not even a Star. I know how to hit myself and how to kiss myself”.

The Match was born in the silence, in the inner and infinite spaces of sofa music. Here, the essential and twilight sound of
the mellotron and the baritone guitar intertwine with the intimacy of the ethereal and hypnotic voice of Claudia.
This song is the result of a journey that developed alongside research that led Claudia to retire to a special place, in winter,
cradled only by the clouds which broke between the mountains, listening to her internal and external soundscapes.
“There was just me and the silence. And that was enough for me. The results are two songs played, sung and heard for what they are, letting the silence speak”.

The essence of the song is captured and enhanced by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana, producer of the two singles, recording
each instrument live, paying close attention to the sound and to the atmosphere in which to immerse the listener.
The Match is an hymn to recognize yourself even if there is something that you do not like or others not like. It is a recognition
of yourself during the time of your life, staying conscious in the awareness of the present moment.
“I won’t be a good wife or mother and not even a romantic love song. I know, I could even be a better person, but this is my match and it doesn’t scare me.”

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana – Bariton guitar, bass, mellotron
Zeno De Rossi – Drum and percussions
Claudia Ferretti – Voice and backing vocals
Recorded, produced and mixed by Alessandro “Asso” Stefana at Wunderkammer
Mastered by Daniele Salodini at Woodpeckermastering
Picture by Sonia Raineri