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Coming soon! My Sister Grenadine: “Wounding The Weather” on May 3rd!

My Sister Grenadine lives at various places. In that are actually songs, she moves between silence and diversity, surface and structure, sound and melody. She tells you stories of awkward volcanoes and homeless cities, of curiosity and solidarity, of combed teeth and colliding landscapes. My Sister Grenadine play folk with the joy of experimenting. Built from a variety of instruments, entwined with voices and shimmering details. Their music is a concentrated play with sound and language, near and far, arrangement andimprovisation. Free Folk, John Cage Pop, radical softness.Their new album “wounding the weather” will be released in May 2019 via Solaris Empire & accompanied by a tour.

01.05. Berlin Schokoladen record release
02.05. Leipzig Lichthof HGB 16:00
02.05. Leipzig Noch Besser Leben
03.05. Halle Café Ludwig
04.05. Cottbus Fango
05.05. Adorf Scala
06.05. Praha (CZ) Bar/ák w/ kaine anung & special guests
07.05. Wien (AT) Einbaumöbel w/ kaine anung
08.05. München Kleines Spiel
09.05. Aachen Raststätte
10.05. Darmstadt Zucker
11.05. Marburg Q
03.10. Dresden V-Cake
04.10. Jicin (CZ) Valdstejnska Lodzie

My Sister Grenadine is not a sister.
It is an open box where everyone puts letters in.
Unwritten ones, strange ones. Full of sharp thoughts and nonsense.
The box is not a box, though.
It is a steady sound. Mystical mysterious. Never ending, changing.
Constantly standing still and always moving.
The sound is more like whispering.
Silent words in our ears. About night and day and everything in between.
All again and all different again.
This is what we wish to share.
With a sister.
With all of them.

Record Release Party: May 1rst at Schokoladen-Mitte!

My Sister Grenadine Bandcamp